Access to protection insurance

Consumer groups and charities have long been concerned that it is not always easy for some people to access protection insurance (protection insurance is classed as individual, business and group life insurance, income protection and critical illness). There are examples where customers with conditions, such as heart disease or cancer, have been rejected by an insurer when seeking cover; or that they have complex circumstances with a combination of medical conditions that present challenges for insurers.  

Following a meeting hosted at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the insurance industry and charity groups committed to the Caxton House Statement:
‘We, the members of the Access to Insurance Working Group, are committed to improving access to protection insurance for consumers with chronic health conditions and disabilities’
Working together, one of the key aims was to develop a signposting system for consumers, supporting consumer groups and charities so they can easily access guidance and advice about insurance from protection specialists.
The role of the parties to this agreement is to assist in ensuring ease of access for such people. Under this system firms will, if they are unable to assist a prospective customer because of their pre-existing medical condition and/or disability, refer them to a suitable specialist firm that should be able to offer protection insurance in such cases, or to a recognised signposting service.



To launch a new signposting system for consumers so that they can easily access guidance, advice and cover from protection insurance specialists.

“People with medical conditions or disabilities can find searching for insurance a difficult and stressful challenge. That is why a signposting agreement that will enable people to more easily access the protection insurance they need is so important.  As the industry disability champion, I look forward to working with BIBA to help improve the customer journey for anyone struggling to find insurance.”

Insurance Industry Disability Champion

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