Easier to understand insurance wordings

Even a standard travel insurance policy can contain more than 20,000 words many of which are technical, legal and difficult to understand. BIBA supports the move towards making insurance policies easier to understand through increased simplicity, use of plainer English and clearer design.

BIBA’s accredited holiday travel insurance provider DTW1991 is making the move to a plainer English wording and BIBA is encouraging more providers to follow this example.

We currently have our own Jargon Buster here. 


For providers to adopt plainer English wordings that are simpler in form and easier for customers to understand.

“Almost one in six UK adults have a reading age of 11 or less, yet most documents are incomprehensible even to those with university degrees. It’s not just about using clearer language and eliminating jargon. Clear layout, adequate spacing and font sizes – as well as use of colour and images – are all crucial to making a document approachable and accessible for customers. Fairer Finance support this much needed BIBA call for action.”


Managing Director, Fairer Finance

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