BIBA sits on DEFRA’s Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Forum which has been looking to increase the adoption of flood resilient measures for UK homes and businesses. We will soon see the launch of a new code of practice, designed to help insurers to adopt a “build back better” approach in homes affected by flooding thereby increasing the resilience of consumers to future flood events. It aims to increase the level of flood protection in UK residential properties.  

The Code will highlight materials and building techniques to normalise flood resilience in properties following an event. In due course, accredited materials, surveyors and builders will be trained to refit properties in flood-risk areas.

It is expected that in the event of a flood the damage and turnaround where resilience measures are in place would be less disruptive  in terms of time and costs. It will also allow policyholders to obtain a certificate to evidence individual property-based flood resilient measures to insurers, which it is anticipated will improve access to more competitive insurance.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) launched a replacement standard BS 851188 for flood resistant products on 1 October 2019. The standard specifies requirements for the designation, testing, factory production control, installation manual, deployment instructions, user manual and marking for different types and configurations of flood resistance products.


To promote the incoming code of practice on flood resilience and the new BSI standard for flood resilient products.

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