Some landlords claim that they cannot accept tenants in receipt of benefits (for example housing benefit or universal credit) because of a condition in their insurance policy. 

This is sometimes referred to as the ‘No DSS’ problem. However, following a survey of members, BIBA was able to demonstrate that cover is available, with hundreds of brokers able to place buildings and contents insurance for landlords wishing to let their properties to tenants in receipt of benefits. 

BIBA has found that other policies, such as landlord’s rent protection or rent guarantee insurance, often have a condition requiring that credit checks on tenants are undertaken, the results of which could make the risk ineligible for the insurance product and lead to a landlord not offering a tenancy to those receiving benefits.


→ To work with Government to create myth-busting guidance for landlords around letting properties to tenants on benefits which will include a section about landlord’s insurance. The aim is to help landlords better access insurance and to signpost to BIBA’s Find Insurance service, enabling them to let their properties to tenants in receipt of benefits. 

→ To raise concerns about the use of credit scores in landlord’s rent protection and rent guarantee insurance and to work with Government and the credit scoring agencies to suggest alternative approaches, in particular the weight given to a regular benefit payment as an important component of household income.

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