Green repair

One of the biggest challenges regarding sustainability is the energy efficiency of buildings. When buildings suffer insured damage there is an opportunity to repair them in a way that lowers its environmental impact. For example, 75% of a building’s heat is lost through its fabric. Repairing in a way that provides a higher level of insulation can help to reduce a household’s carbon footprint as well as limit energy usage. Equally, finding ways to neutralise the carbon impact of motor vehicle repairs may be a future necessity.


For the insurance sector to do more work in the area of green repairs and aim to rebuild and repair in an environmentally responsible way.

“There are many opportunities for insurers and BIBA brokers to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint. At Allianz, we are constantly exploring ways to make insurance more sustainable – for example we have just launched a new claims initiative where we offer our customers the choice between new and green motor repair parts. By developing sustainable insurance products, we can support customers to make greener choices with their vehicles and properties.”



General Manager, Commercial & Personal, 

Allianz Insurance

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