The digital market


The trading environment for brokers is increasingly digital and as customer demands change, it is imperative that brokers are able to access and offer the products and services their clients want and need and in a way they want to receive them.

BIBA recognises the value that data driven insight and technology driven efficiencies can bring to brokers and will help them to do more with their data and online trading environment. We will also continue to facilitate relationships between technology firms, including software houses and brokers so they can deliver services that the customer of tomorrow wants.


To support our members in the digital world by continuing the programme of digital up-skilling started in 2019 and to provide opportunities to further aid collaboration between technology providers and brokers.

“I am delighted to see BIBA proactively supporting its members in exploring the use of established and emerging digital technologies. By being able to partner with relevant digital solutions providers, brokers may have several opportunities to further improve both the service they provide to their clients and their own business operations.” 


Managing Director, Polaris UK Ltd.

BIBA has more than 1,800 individually FCA regulated firms registered as members. 

With more than 600,000+ enquiries through our
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