Case Studies

Case Study 1

Tom Cook, 76, struggled to find travel insurance due to a complex medical history including multiple heart attacks and a triple heart bypass. After being refused cover from his bank and purchasing a policy that excluded his medical conditions, he found a specialist policy from BIBA broker, AllClear Travel Insurance, that fully covered his medical conditions. 

 Unfortunately, in a period of a little more than a year, Tom had to claim twice on his policy – to the total value of over £11,000. Tom’s first claim happened while on a cruise to the Far East, when he had an adverse reaction to the heat. He was treated in the ship’s medical centre and in a hospital in Singapore for heart failure and advised to fly home. The claim covered his stay and treatment onboard and in hospital, as well as hotel costs and flights home.
The second claim occurred just before setting sail on another cruise, after Tom was rushed into hospital with heart failure, and forced to cancel his trip. 
Tom said “In both cases settlement has been prompt, fair, and in full value of the claims. I’ve just renewed my travel insurance and was impressed that after making two claims they still wanted to cover me.”

Case study 2

Mrs Jackson (69) booked her dream holiday to cruise amongst the icebergs in Antarctica to see penguins, seals and whales.  She purchased travel insurance but unfortunately was then diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. She was advised that she would no longer be insured, Mrs Jackson said: “I felt very down as I didn’t want to lose my holiday. The Marie Curie nurses at hospital were fantastic and recommended some other companies, but they couldn’t cover my visit to Antarctica.”

Mrs Jackson was then signposted to BIBA’s Find-Insurance Service where she was transferred to specialist broker Just Travel Cover.  

She added “They were able to give me everything I needed, they understood my condition entirely and the circumstances. It’s a remote part of the world that I’m travelling to so I thought that the price might have been higher.”
Mrs Jackson travelled in November 2019 and concluded: “I soon realised that I’m not the only person with cancer to travel the world, and it would be helpful for others to know that a cancer diagnosis isn’t the end of their travel plans. You just have to go to specialist brokers for your insurance.”

Case Study 3

BIBA member, Johnstone Insurance Brokers’ had to find cover for a property that had been flooded five times in two years when the existing insurer could not offer renewal.

The policyholder had insured his family home in North London, through Johnstone for many years and when his work took him abroad, he rented out the property. Johnstone found cover for the tenanted property with no difficulty, but disaster struck. Five escape of water incidents occurred within two years leaving the owner with the prospect of no cover.

Johnstone were keen to help their customer find protection and enjoy peace of mind.

Janet Wilkinson, Personal Lines Broker for Johnstone said: “We were delighted to be able to locate cover through magenta insurance who we have used for many years.” magenta had partnered with geo to create a product called Waterlock which switches off the water supply when escaping water is detected. By installing this product in the property magenta were able to offer a competitive premium on great terms – and with a 5-star carrier. Janet concluded: “Our customer also now knows that he won’t endure another large escape of water loss and it’s great to be able to help our customers when they are in a difficult place.”

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