Road safety

The House of Commons Transport Committee advises that drivers aged between 17 and 24 years account for 7% of the UK’s driving licence holders but are involved in 20% of fatal and serious collisions.

BIBA is concerned about these high accident rates and believes that Government has an opportunity to reduce the risks of young and novice drivers being involved in a road traffic collision.

BIBA collates figures from across the industry to determine the number of live telematics policies in operation. In 2017, BIBA found there to be almost 1 million live motor policies using telemetry such as black-boxes and apps. However it seems this number may be reducing and we believe encouraging more uptake of telematics policies can be a key part of Government’s road safety plan.

Similarly, a report by BIBA member Marmalade in 2017, found that the risk of crashing in the first six months of driving fell to 1 in 18 for young drivers using a telematics device – making these drivers over 3 times safer than the national average.

We propose that Government give greater incentives to use telematics policies which have been shown to moderate driving behaviour, reduce speeding by 25%, and increase road safety through providing premium savings to those who drive safely. Government can achieve this by giving Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) relief for young drivers buying a telematics insurance policy. 

Speed Awareness Courses also help to reduce road accident rates; however, such courses are only offered after a speeding offence. Given that speeding is a factor in accident occurrence and severity, offering courses to those not yet habitually speeding would be good risk management.

DriveTech (part of the AA) offers specific young driver courses in some police areas, which include e-learning modules. Rolling out courses such as DriveTech’s and others that are available as part of a post-test education would have an additional positive impact on the behaviours of young drivers, reducing the risk of fatal and serious collisions.


For Government to provide IPT relief for young drivers using telematics policies, and comprehensive post-test driver training in line with the learning of Speed Awareness Courses.

“We believe that telematics insurance has done more to cut accident risk than other road safety initiatives targeting the young driver market. We support BIBA’s call,  the use of the technology should be encouraged for all new and young drivers to give them the safest start on the roads, and to protect other road users.” 

Steve Kerrigan  

Senior Vertical Market Manager (Telematics and Connected Car), LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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